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About us

We bring you Syrian delicacies to the heart of Duisburg

In downtown Duisburg, in a side street of the forum, we, Nura and Yasin Yilmaz, offer exquisite Syrian handicrafts. The small pastries in our “Salloura Sweets” shop look like works of art. Our baked goods are made traditionally by hand and without additives such as preservatives or colorings. Each product has its own master who is responsible for ensuring that the craft is performed with perfection. The pastries are made traditionally with lots of nuts and little dough, and sweetened with honey.

It wasn’t easy for us, born in Duisburg, to be able to offer these elaborate pastries here in this form. It quickly became clear to us that we had to produce where the know-how and high-quality ingredients were available. Both of these are not or hardly to be found in Germany. Yasin has Turkish roots and that was the solution: Many refugees from Syria, who have mastered the craft and cannot find work, live in Turkey . We wanted to help and create decent jobs. The working conditions in our production are very good: The pastries are made according to the most modern, high standards. The nut varieties required and the high-quality butter ghee, a type of clarified butter, are of much fresher and of better quality than you usually find in Germany. We sell the delicacies in our Duisburg shop within 36 hours.

We offer excellent Italian coffee, as well as Arabic and Turkish mocha. Fresh desserts, cakes and, in Summer, milkshakes, iced coffee and freshly squeezed juices.

Everyone is welcome to come by. Families with children are also welcome here. Our pastries taste delicately sweet and not too heavy. The best thing to do is just drop by, get advice and taste it without any obligation. We are open seven days a week and look forward to your visit!

We also supply large customers such as restaurants and retail. For more information, please contact us here !

For interested entrepreneurs, we also offer the possibility of a franchise partnership. If you are interested, please get in touch!

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